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The Advancement of Technology Essay -- Military Technology

War has been a reoccurring part of America’s history for the past 230 years. From the 1700s to the present, America has gotten into many different situations and turmoil, which eventually lead to the wars we currently study and know about today. Technological advancements in warfare were necessary and a great obligation during times of war. This was pursued with drastic improvement. From the transformation of the use of smoothbore muskets during the Civil War to the industrial revolution leading to weaponry innovations post civil war, the nature of warfare dramatically changed. These developments proved to be proficient in battle. In the midst of these hundreds of years, while many technological advances demonstrated to be efficient in battle, the machine gun was one of the most significant advancements in technology that changed the face of warfare through its transformation of operations and strategy. During the civil war before the introduction of the machine guns, union soldiers primarily used smoothbore muskets. â€Å"The rifle’s low muzzle velocity and consequent high parabolic trajectory made for difficult long-range shooting, especially since soldiers engaged in little target practice and received virtually no training in estimating distances or in using the adjustable sights to compensate for the bullet’s curved flight. The tangled terrain of most battlefields—and the black powder smoke that engulfed every battle—often rendered enemy soldiers invisible until they were within smoothbore range† (Hess 288). This was assumed to be the reason of why the war was prolonged, and the combat losses were higher during the smoothbore era. Also with an ability of only firing a â€Å"maximum of three rounds per minute† (Howey), this rat... ...Goldsmith, Dolf L., and R. Blake. Stevens. The Devil's Paintbrush: Sir Hiram Maxim’s Gun. Toronto: Collector Grade Publications, 1989. Print. 2. Hess, Earl J. The Rifle Musket in Civil War Combat: Reality and Myth. Lawrence, Kan: University Press of Kansas, 2008. Print. 3. Howey, Allan W. "Weaponry: The Rifle-Musket and the Minià © Ball  » History Net." History Net. Weider History Group, Oct. 1999. Web. 12 May 2012. . 4. Lee, Loyd E. World War II. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1999. Print. 5. Popenker, Max R. "Modern Firearms - MachineGuns." Max R. Popenker, 1999-2010. Web. 10 May 2012. . 6. Simkin, John. "Machine-Gun." Spartacus Educational - Home Page. John Simkin. Web. 10 May 2012. .

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Civilization in Paleolithic Era

Topic: To what extent does the hypothesis of bona fide, yet ‘missing’, civilization in the Palaeolithic era make sense to you? Palaeolithic meaning old stone, which is about (2. 6 million years – 300,000 years ago). Having a Lower, Middle and Upper stone age for Palaeolithic. In the Palaeolithic era climate was the pacemaker of change. As the world grew colder, the new climatic conditions restricted the habitat, certain species disappeared. Every time the climate changed the new conditions suited other animals. Each Ice Age last between fifty and a hundred thousand years as so mentioned in â€Å"The New Penguin History of the World† written by J.M Roberts. He mentions â€Å"Evidence of the glaciations and their effects is now available from all oceans and continents and they provide the backbone for prehistory chronology. † I did research and came across a website http://www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2004/04/040421234349. htm. It has evidence that supports the three major glaciation events that occurred in the past. Robert Tucker and Zhanxiong Peng of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Washington University of St. Louis implicated that â€Å"There would be no communication between the atmosphere and the ocean.The deep ocean would quickly become free of oxygen because light would not be able to penetrate the ice to fuel algae. Above the ice, there would be little rain or snow because there would be little evaporation. Many organisms that lived in milder conditions would become extinct. † Investigation shows that there are at least three levels of glacial deposits. Each ice age destroyed the habitats of creatures that had adapted to the arctic condition. But after each glaciation new species spread. As time went on, one branch lead to apes and the other lead to human beings, this line was named hominids.Indicated by J. M Roberts, â€Å"The first hominid fossil found in Kenya and Ethiopia are dated only 4. 5 million years ago. † But then a French fossil hunter discovered a fossil in Chadian desert year 2001; nearly complete cranium, pieces of jawbone and teeth. They pinned down the age of this fossil, which they say is between 6. 8 and 7. 2 million years old. (Information found in http://afp. google. com/article/ALeqM5gjCJ41Mm-Li6gU9Rd4n1DXPlm7Gg . ) So as to what is happening, fossil hunters, geologist, archeologist, scientist etc. keep discovering new fossils with different ages and keep pushing back our timelines. So saying the truth we are not sure exactly when the hominids where first taking place in our timeline. Who knows what there is yet to be discovered. Going to a description and comparison of a hominid and primate. Those with a small cranium were consider primates because the brain was not too intelligent. As time went on the brain developed little by little. More common sense, but as that happened the brain grew, therefore having a much bigger cranium, which were t hen classified as hominids.Hominids developed reasoning, a sense of communication and had a system of control, which is the beginning of the creation of human beings. Primates communicate with signals, went on natural instincts, and had no system of control. Their method was adaptation to life and the environment around them. Which if I’m not mistaken is what we now call wild animals. We are the top of the food chain. We are the fittest to survival. Why, because we have intelligence, logic and reasoning. We have common sense to avoid casual mistakes that can cause our lives. Professor Paul S.Burdett from Raritan Valley Community College, Branchburg NJ wrote a document named â€Å"What Is Human? †. It describes three main parts of what makes us human and has a comparison to what is not classified to be human. 1. Reasoning is the power to think, and understand. Mind solves problems and the body has a reaction to everything but think before react. As for primates, theyâ⠂¬â„¢re mind and reactions are not reasonable like ours. 2. Language is our form of communication. Without communication we have nothing. With language we have grammar and syntax an arrangement that focuses on a relationship between words. . System of control, which keeps things organized. Having a social life. Under that category come family, tribes, and clans. Which are all in relation and come with a natural connectivity as in a connection in blood or DNA. Examples; mother, son, grandfather, cousins, aunts, including mother-in-law and so on. Now beyond that comes communities, societies, culture and civilization. Which is an organization of non-related people. People working together to make a living. As for primates, they only go with their instincts and communicate with signals.And cannot go any much further than that. So my definition for being a human is one who exhibits a sense of humanity, compassion, civilization, and consideration towards mankind. An understanding, organiz ation, and sense of communication. So is it possible that such a civilization could have existed? There was a point in time where the hominids decided to just settle down. Having water, and food near them. So they did not have to travel far. In the process tools were created, fire, a sense a religion, a stable living style, a sense of emotion, farming.All of these things is what started civilization. And civilization was not established until the Upper Palaeolithic Era. Without everything being done, no civilization would have been created. Till this day discoveries are made. The only way to know if something really existed is by evidence. And by evidence I mean fossils, skeletons, art, grave goods, â€Å"ARTIFACTS! † Artifacts is all we have. The only problem is that from what I have understood is that we have more evidence going towards the Upper Palaeolithic Era. In J. M Roberts book (Book 1, Chapter 2, last paragraph on pg. 1) he stated, â€Å"To separate Upper and Lower Palaeolithic is easy; the division represents the physical facts†¦ †¦ the most recent and therefore fossils and artifacts found among them are later found then lower. † Meaning more evidence is found in the Upper. â€Å"Almost all the artifacts that survived in Palaeolithic are made from stone, none are made of metal†¦ †¦ which stone artifacts provide the largest significant body of evidence. † So from what is seems stones where most likely to be preserved then metal. Neolithic Revolution involved far more than the adoption of a limited set of food producing techniques.The making of small groups of hunter, gatherers that had hitherto dominated human history into sedentary societies based in built up villages and towns, which radically modified their natural environment by means of specialized food crop cultivation that allowed extensive surplus food production. These developments provided the basis for high population density settlements, specialize d and complex labor diversification, trading economies, the development of art, architecture, and culture. All these things are well described in a book called â€Å"The Breakout: The Origins Of Civilization† written by Martha Lamberg-Karlovsky.The Revolution developed independently in different parts of the world, not just in the Fertile Crescent. The Mediterranean climate has a long dry season with a short period of rain, which made it suitable for small plants with large seeds, like wheat and barley. The Oasis Theory, originally proposed by Raphael Pumpelly in 1908, maintains that as the climate got drier due to the Atlantic depressions shifting northward, communities contracted to oases where they were forced into close association with animals, which were then domesticated together with planting of seeds.Agriculture, known as farming. Which was turning point. No more long travel, everything at hand and the sense of trading. With trading came leader, which meant governmen t. With all that said societies. In this part of time, known art was a way of recording things in their time. There were caves that have been found with carved drawings. Showing life itself, and how everything was before. Art created by stones, mud as paint, and drawings on top of other drawings creating stories that have yet to be discovered.Every time we think we found the oldest society another older one pops up. Everyday life was not able to be recorded. Communication was not able to be recorded. Records in that era took a lot of time and dedication. So in our sense, was there civilization in the Palaeolithic Era? I think there was. Even though there isn’t much evidence, it actually makes sense. Like in the quote, â€Å"If a tree falls in the forest but no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? † Just because we did not witness it, it does not mean it did not exist.

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Vimto Business Report - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 6 Words: 1709 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Business Essay Type Analytical essay Level High school Did you like this example? Vimto Business Report Table of Content EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  3 1. CURRENT MARKET POSITION  4 1.1 Brand 1.2 Target Market Analysis 2. MARKET OVERVIEW  5-6 2.1 PEST 2.2 Current business trends 3. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Vimto Business Report" essay for you Create order TOWS ANALYSIS  7-8 3.1 Key Issues 3.2 Key Opportunities 4. STRATEGY  8-9 4.1 Brand Development Strategy 4.2 Pricing Strategy 4.3 Advertising Strategy 4.4 Distribution Strategy 5. SUMMARY  9 6. REFERENCES10 Executive Summary This report is written to present an analysis of the marketing environment of Vimto with the aim of providing strategic input on how to improve their chances of success. Vimto is in the soft drinks business and is owned by Nichols plc. Vimto grew 4.3% and since ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s the core brand of the group, significant attention has to be allocated to assure its continued success. Reading this report will highlight what strategies, obstacles, trends, threats and marketing/ communication tools are needed to make sure this product become successful. The report contains a market analysis, different recommendations and an outline on the future potentials for the products. CURRENT MARKET POSITION 1.1 Brand Nichols is the UK based company that is engaged in producing soft drinks and other beverages. The company distributes its products to the retail, wholesale, vending, catering, licensed, and leisure industries. The company has operations in the UK, Middle East, China and Africa. The companys brand portfolio includes Vimto, which is sold in over 65. The company offers still and carbonates drinks. The company offers soft drinks on dispense market. (MarketLine, 2013) 1.2. Target Market Analysis Supermarkets / hypermarkets form the leading distribution channel in the United Kingdom carbonated soft drinks market, accounting for a 35.2% share of the total markets volume. On-trade accounts for a further 25.9% of the market. Figure 1: United Kingdom carbonated soft drinks market distribution: % share, by volume, 2012 (source: MarketLine) MARKET OVERVIEW PESTLE Political Political factors impact on the way business operates. The statutory minimum wage affects all businesses, as do consumer and health and safety laws. The political decision as to whether or not the UK signs up to have the Single European Currency is having an impact on UK businesses, which includes Vimto. Economical All businesses are affected by economical factors nationally and globally. Interest rate policies and fiscal policies will have to be set accordingly. Within the UK the climate of the economy dictates how consumer may behave within society. Whether an economy is in a boom, recession or recovery will also affect consumer confidence and behaviour. This has an impact on most businesses including Vimto. An economy which is in a recession is characterized by high unemployment, and low confidence. Because of high unemployment spending is low; confidence about job security is also low. Consumers will be more inclined to reduce their spending because of the ir low revenues. This leads businesses to try to reduce their operation cost to save money. The market is seeing a growth so we can assume that the impact on Vimto will be currently minimal. (Marketline, 2013) Social The social factors affecting Vimto include the demographic changes, cultural aspect and consumers habits. These factors affect customer needs and the size of potential markets. Vimto being sweet and fruity will appeal to the younger demographic. It has also introduced energy drink in its portfolio that will entice sporty and diet aware people. (Just-drinks, 2013) Technological Technological factors are vital for competitive advantage, and are a major driver of change and efficiency. With the advent of social media allowing for a wide range of consumer to be targeted, it simply cannot be neglected anymore and those who invest in that area will have a significant advantage. (Brand Republic, 2009) Laws regulation Environmental Like any other drinks brand, Vimto experiences many environmental threats to both production and brand awareness. They have to ensure that their packaging and brand is not affecting the environment or they could receive a backlash from consumers and activisits. (Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith, 2011) Current business trends The performance of the market is forecast to accelerate, with an anticipated CAGR of 4.4% for the five-year period 2012 2017, which is expected to drive the market to a value of $16,063.6m by the end of 2017. Comparatively, the French and German markets will grow with CAGRs of 1% and 1.6% respectively, over the same period, to reach respective values of $4,827.6m and $11,274.2m in 2017. (MarketLine, 2013) TOWS ANALYSIS Tows analysis for vimto. Threats Competitors- Ribena with large financial backing Unhealthy product as high in sugar etc. Poor weather an effect the harvesting of berries essential to making Vimto. Opportunities Automated production (in order to cheaply mass produce) Marketing via phone apps (Ribena sponsors apps why doesnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t Vimto). Use of cyber marketing via websites such as fb. Weaknesses outsourcing production = higher costs Expensive labour in the UK. Hardly use the internet to advertise (despite target market being 10-25 year olds. Not outsourcing means they will save money and therefore Vimto will be able to be more competitive against competitors such as Ribena who have a large financial backing. Weather in the UK does sometimes effect the harvest of crop (eg. The flooding recently) therefore by moving abroad Vimto can take advantage of both cheap labour and a more stable climate for growing berries. Instead of outsourcing, if Vimto where to produce there product internally they could invest in an automated production line saving them money in the long run due to small labour costs and improved efficiency. Opportunity to use Facebook and phone apps to advertise to target market (10-25 year olds) who are the main users of the internet. (this is something that Ribena defiantly do better than Vimto) Strengths Cheap ingredients sourced locally. New electronic documenting system (saving  £50,000 a year) Joint venture with weight watchers to try to improve brand image. Although Vimto is unhealthy they have recently entered into a joint venture with weight watchers in order to improve their brand name, this is due to a social shift towards healthy food and drink. If Vimto do decided to move abroad they will lose the cheap transport costs for their raw materials as well as the right to advertise that they produce Vimto in the UK from UK berries. Advertise that Vimto source there ingredients from the UK keeping UK citizens employed à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" links in with new advertisements via internet and apps. Opportunity to widely advertise recycled bottles (due to a more socially conscious consumer) Figure 2. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" TOWS analysis table. 4.1 Key issues From the TOWS, the important issues to consider are: high costs resulting from using UK labour and not outsourcing. Lack of Internet of coverage and presence as social medias (i.e. Facebook) arenà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t well or not exploited at all. 4.2 Key opportunities From the TOWS, the key opportunities include: The energy sector remains the fastest growing category in soft drinks at 7% per annum (Nichols, 2014) so mergers with well-known brand (recently with Weightwatchers) are a good option. Wide advertisement of its green position. Use of cyber marketing by using social medias to target a broader range of consumers. STRATEGY 4.1 Brand Development strategy The brand image is already in place. Vimto must simply supply evidence to the consumers that their brand image is accurate and worthwhile. Vimto provide proof of their quality products and services by advertising that theyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢re locally produced following a strict CSR code. 4.2 Pricing strategy As the company generated good numbers despite the anticipated reduction, an alteration of the price isnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t critical. 4.3 Advertising strategy It should be focused more on the range of exposure through multiple media sources (i.e social medias). 4.4 Distribution strategy Progress continues to be made in Nichols Dispense business, with consolidation of the independent distributor base. This also involved the full integration of Festival Soft Drinks Limited, based on the south coast of England, into Nichols Dispense during 2013. 4.5 Marketing strategy The marketing strategy of Vimto will be to: Increase a wareness of the brand finding innovative way to use the multimedia tools (i.e. Facebook etc.). Build strategic partnerships to make sure that you will be able to take advantage of their brand recognition and infrastructures. Differentiate themselves from competitors through introduction of new products consumer targeting specific type (i.e. sport drinks with flashy PET bottle to attract sportmen). Continued advertisement of à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"greenà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ resolutions adoption and CSR policies. SUMMARY The target Market could be sometimes hard to reach due to the fact that most of them are not well exposed to the brand compared to the competition such as Coca-Cola. This marketing and promotion could be overcome by selecting a wider range of marketing and communication tools. New products introduced offer a number a choices to consumers and widen its base. Additionally, corporate responsibility position makes it look respectable and apealling. The strong market position Vimto has in the global market gives its products a high change of success. Vimto has a well established market position in the soft drinks industry, which gives it a large scale of new opportunities by the bias of mergers. If the implement of those new ways to attract consumers (i.e social media) is done, it will gives them a competitive advantage. REFERENCES Brand Republic (2009) Vimto digital strategy pulls teens into branded game. Available from: [Accessed 04/04/2014] Bureau van Dijk (2014) Nichols company report. FAME [online]. Available from: [Accessed 28 February 2014] Bureau van Dijk (2014) Nichols company report. OSIRIS [online]. Available from: [Accessed 28 February 2014] Facebook (2014) Facebook. Available from: [Accessed 04/04/2014] Just-drinks. (2013) Product Launch UK: Nichols Vimto Extreme Energy and Extreme Sport. just-drinks [online]. Available from: [Accessed 04/04/2014] Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith (2011) Vimto updates bottle and packaging design. Marketing Magazine [online]. Available from:, [ac cessed on 04/04/2014] MarketLine (2013) MarketLine Industry Profile : Carbonated Soft Drinks industry in the United Kingdom. MarketLine Advantage [online]. Available from : https:// [Accessed 28 February 2014] MarketLine (2013) Company Profile : Nichols plc. MarketLine Advantage [online]. Available from : https:// [Accessed 28 February 2014] Nichols plc (2014) Nichols plc. Available from: [Accessed 04/04/2014] Nichols plc (2014) Annual report financial statement 2013 [online]. . Available from: [Accessed 04/04/2014] Vimto (2014) Vimto. Available from: [Accessed 04/04/2014] Weight Watchers (2014) Weight Watchers. Available from: [Accessed 04/04/2014] Template style inspired by Chernova, E. et al (2013) Samsung Smart Fridge Business to Business Marketing Plan. Available from: [Accessed 04/04/2014]

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Steinbecks Nonteleological Perspective Essays - 2954 Words

There is no meaning to life. Life has no inherent meaning. The meanings of our lives are chosen by what we feel and experience or are assigned to us by others. The ends of our existence cannot be foreseen and will not be limited by such things as destiny. These are the ideas and philosophies of those who believe life to be non-teleological. A famous literary example of a non-teleologist is a man named John Steinbeck. Throughout his life Steinbeck experimented with Darwinism, transcendentalism, realism, socialism, naturalism, and Taoism (Endnotes 1). Each of these ways of thinking show up in Steinbeck’s philosophy and therefore his work cannot be classified specifically. All that may be said is that he had a non-teleological way of†¦show more content†¦For instance, we do not use a knife to cut objects because the blade is sharp, we made the knife in order to cut the object. But teleologists admit that there are objects that are non-teleological. We take advantage of t he shape of mountains by skiing on them, but mountains are not the shape they are in order for us to ski on them (1). This can also be explained as â€Å"ends exist in the mind which studies nature, not in nature itself† (1). Teleologists must admit that there on non-teleological parts of life, otherwise their philosophy would include such ridiculous beliefs as sodium and chloride being combined to taste salty rather than the salty taste being an effect of the two elements bonding. Steinbeck was correct in thinking that as a non-teleological thinker he must also take into account the teleological outlook on life. Steinbeck said: â€Å"Teleological answers necessarily must be included in the non-teleological method since they are a part of the picture even if only restrictedly true and as a soon as their qualities of relatedness are recognized. Even erroneous beliefs are real things and have to be considered proportional to their spread or intensity† (Log from the Sea of Cortez 171). Steinbeck believed teleology to be only a small part of the big picture and that by not expanding their view and opening their minds teleologists would have a very limited

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Do Words Matter - 1035 Words

Do Words Matter? Words are very powerful, and sometimes the words we use offend people. Freedom of speech is highly valued but what happens when your freedom becomes hurtful or disrespectful to someone else? There are so many different kinds of people and different things that offend each person. In this day where we are more inclined to say whatever we want, we see more and more offense being taken to the words that get said. Its hard to understand why certain words can be insulting to someone when it may not seem that way to you. We have to ask ourselves, why do we care what other people say and should we censer everything that goes into the public just so people dont get offended? In the article, You Cant Say That, the author†¦show more content†¦Humans have always found a way to demean people who are different. They do this by making up words that directly degrade a person by their differences. The word Queer is an example of a word that has actually changed from a homop hobic slur to, in some eyes, a non-offensive title. While most people would still say that they dont feel comfortable hearing the word queer, more people have become immune to it because of television. The Editors of Society state that Now queer is sneaking into the mainstream- and taking on a hipster edge. Back in the 1920s using the word queer was not taken lightly. In todays society with television shows using queer in the title of their show, for example, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the word has a different impact than it used to. There are unusual words that have offended feminists for a long period of time. Some of the words include fireman, authoress, handyman, and hostess. These titles through feminists eyes can be perceived as offensive and degrading. Many people believe that feminists are man haters but almost all feminists would claim that false. The stereotype of feminism is often depicted in a negative way while the truth is that its just the act of fighting for a good cause. While many think of the word feminist negatively, the author believes that feminist should have more positive connotations. Christina Libby defines feminism as A movement to end sexism, sex exploitation, and oppression. IShow MoreRelatedCommunication Is The Language Of Communication1473 Words   |  6 PagesThink back to all those times you endured a conflict with a person or institution as a result of poor communication or a complete lack of communication. When people are not sure what others mean, intend or desire, they are in clined to make a mistake or do something to create an uncomfortable conflict with the other party. The communication tips outlined below will help you express your thoughts and feelings in clear terms that leave no room for interpretation. The end result will be a crystal clear understandingRead MoreBasic Interpersonal Communicative Skills ( Calp )855 Words   |  4 Pagesthe use of gestures to demonstrate cold and hot weather will help the students understand the meaning of the words used on the lesson. By the end of the lesson we will create a diagram with the name of the season, pictures of how the season look like and the type of clothes to wear during the season. 3. Watch the video below to see a second-grade teacher introduce the properties of matter (time: 3:11). A. Identify four contextual supports that the teacher used to help her ELL students better understandsRead More Writing Style Essay1326 Words   |  6 PagesClarity and Grace helped lead me to this point, which is: what is the point? What really matters when we consider the style of writing? What makes good writing good? Every writer could collectively sit down together and never come up with an answer to these questions because every writer has a different opinion on what matters. As a writer and a reader, I believe what really matters in style is the affect a piece of writing has on readers. Although every reader is different in theRead More Good Usage is Simply Correct Grammar Essay814 Words   |  4 PagesGood Usage is Simply Correct Grammar What is good use? Does it even matter? Those are not easy questions to answer. Is good use just simply using correct grammar or is everyone who is using it just trying to speak above everyone else? What I mean by trying to speak above others is using large words, which you normally would not use, just to sound more intelligent than you actually are. I think the type of usage a person uses depends on the audience, the topic, and why the person is writingRead MoreImportance Of Subject Area Expertise806 Words   |  4 PagesNative-level fluency in the source and target languages Current cultural understanding relating to both languages Subject matter expertise This article takes a look at the third of these items: subject matter expertise. What is Subject Matter Expertise? In the world of translation, subject matter expertise refers to the translator s knowledge of the material being translated. In other words, if your texts are legal documents being translated from English to Arabic, does the translator have an understandingRead MoreThe Idea of Honor in Chaucers The Wife of Baths Prologue and The Franklins Tale673 Words   |  3 Pagesfought. Consequently, we have both male and female chauvinists, and they appear in Chaucers works. They make for interesting reading. In â€Å"The Franklin’s Tale,† Averagus and Dorigen get married and the vow to always respect each other and the other’s words and actions. Shortly after getting married he is gone to England for two years, and while he is away his wife weeps, fasts, and laments his absence. Dorigen sits on the shore looking at bare rocks that are near by and during this time she becomes fearfulRead MoreThe Black Lives Matter Movement1356 Words   |  6 PagesBlack Lives Matter Movement. Even though it has been lauded by some media sources and individuals as the next great movement to champion for civil rights, the Black Lives Matter movement is not the same as the African-American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s nor is it likely to be as successful. If the Black Lives Matter Movement continues with discrepancies in ideology, lack of clear leadership, and trends of hate, the movement is doomed to fail. he ideology of the Black Lives Matter movementRead MoreWriting And Writing Of Writing952 Words   |  4 Pages Everyone says that writing of Communication has become a clichà ©. It is a clichà ©, however that is true. Personally, I do not like writing, but over time it has become a big part of me that I appreciate. Writing for me started in elementary school. I started with writing my ABCs and my name to perfection, until I did not make any mistakes. Over my years of writing I have enhanced my expressiveness, originality, and creativity. Growing up, I loved writing poems. My love for poems developed from listeningRead MoreUse Of Linkedin Authority For Career Branding Purposes855 Words   |  4 Pagesneeds to in some way reflect your brand focus. It doesn’t have to state it overtly, and it may look at little tacky if you do, but it should give readers a hint around what to expect. The biggest mistake that people make is to state their current job in their title/headline. For example, your brand may be that you are an exemplary biomedical scientist who deals with fecal matter. However, you may currently be working as a meter maid since having your baby. Some users would make the mistake of writingRead MoreCognitive Behavioral Therapy And Reducing Emotional Reasoning979 Words   |  4 Pagesenter colleges or universities, we notice the clean-up of words, ideas and subject matters that might cause discomfort or give an offence. For instance, colleges and universities are avoiding these due to how it may cause students to feel uncomfortable and offended by a word or phrases. However, there is a therapy that can help us treat this to avoid discomfort and also stop colleges from taking away the freedom of speech. Considering this matter, Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt argue in their essay

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Market of Smith Construction Company †

Question: Discuss aboute the Market of Smith Construction Company. Answer: Introduction Smith Construction Company is founded by John Smith, who worked in Georgia Highway Department where they started the plastering with the largest subdivisions that are set in US. The company is able to work on rolling around with the deep forms of the building rooms over from the post-World War II. It includes the renovations of the GA Power Office, General Electric Plant Construction, Church Renovations, Retail Stores, Bank Construction and Renovation, Physicians Office Construction. (Power et al., 2016). The safety values are implied with the accident free goals, facing the accountability, saving the environment for everyone. The company also indulges with the employees to understand about the safety with the training of the new and the proper employee policies and federal OSHA regulations, where there is a possibility to strive for safety. Company Information Smith Development and Construction Company was formed mainly through the merger. With this, the company has been able to cover the different operations with commercial and the residential development forms. The company includes the different developments where Hegseth Development has been able to build up the reputation for being the finest customised homebuilder in Sacramento. The customised homes are for the working and holding a proper recognition of their development in the good market conditions. As per the precise control measures, there are certain in-house designs, self-performed trading and the forensic estimation. The tight controlled finances and management affect the working and the management at Smith DCC where there is a need of continued motivation and success driven attitude of the people which would lead anyone to the top of the market. (Katzenbach et al., 2015). Structure This includes the structure of the company where there is CEO and the managers, team and the construction team to handle the working. Company mission and vision The company focus on the commitment, innovation and the integrity where the major focus is on the strengthening of the fabric of communities with the other trusted construction services. The big goal is to achieve the best firm in the state where the annual revenues are set through the high rises in the state. Here, the Smith Group is able to work on the known and the respected form of the state for providing with the better and the reliable construction service. It will also maximise the future growth and the commitments that involve the safety, quality and the innovative technology. (Coggio et al., 2016). Smith Construction company focus on the respected speciality construction firm where there are high standards of excellence and innovation for meeting the clients requirement. The building of the sound business and the stronger communities helps in providing with the personal, professional and the better spiritual fulfillment. Strength Weakness The weakness of the company is: The uncontrollable growth without any setup of the infrastructure support. The employees strength and the calibre is found to be limited There is a lack of the integrated standard for the systems. The lack in the diversification for the client base There is lack of the defined goal patterns as well. The weakness is based on the factor which includes some internal controls, lack of the defined patterns, or the strategic planning and the goals setting. (Mullan et al., 2015). Through this, there are new markets and the poor training programs with project management depth and the quality control. The quality hires and the shortage of the great people leads to the lack of the experienced people, with the ability to react to the increased manpower that works on the positions of the projects of supervision and estimation. The strength of the company is measured mainly through: The financial standards Leadership Reputation Here, the level is set to meet the higher level of the staff and management where there is a possibility of setting the strong upper level management, with the debt free facilities, existing client relationships. Here, there is a possibility to include the backlog of work, opportunity to make the strong hiring and handling the overall personal experience. (Smith, 2017). With this, the subcontractor relationship and tracking the records is considered better for Smith construction. Components of company Smith Construction focus on delivering the projects to meet the demands of the customers. For this, there are proper schedules and the expectations which needs to be met for the customers. This also applies to the construction management, with the general construction to design and build the proper safety control, project management, with critical path method of scheduling. It includes the multi-faceted value engineering methods, customer involved planning and budgeting as well. (Katzenbach et al., 2015). The projects supported by the company includes the preconstruction, construction and post construction where there are certain cost estimates including the value engineering methods as well. The administering of the jobsite safety programs and the quality control programs will help in easy submission of the operation manuals. The breakeven analysis is based on the average of the monthly costs which is based on the historical figures with the average price and the product. The estimates are based on the experience where there is a wide range of projects to handle the accuracy. The average f the variable costs are based on the variable industry standards. With the setup of the best revenues and the costs, there are current market trends with past performance and perceived revenues to target the new market. Here, the check is on the overall profit with the cost on paying a higher labour cost with the setup of overall revenues to exert a pressure on the contracting market. Conclusion With this, the major focus should be on the consistency in quality construction, continuity and the high-level set for the quality customer satisfaction. (Power et al., 2016). This would lead to innovation and the integrity set with the better service to the clients. The achievements are based on measuring the customer satisfaction and involvement of community needs which will help in producing a better output with the fare costs of the delivery products. References Coggio, W.D., Huizinga, J.S., Steiner, M.L., Watkins, R.F., Hao, E., Kolb, W.B., Zhu, P., Free, M.B., Kolb, B.U., Chen-Ho, K. and Humpal, P.E., 2016.Retroreflecting optical construction. U.S. Patent 9,291,752. Katzenbach, J.R. and Smith, D.K., 2015.The wisdom of teams: Creating the high-performance organization. Harvard Business Review Press. Mullan, B., Smith, L., Sainsbury, K., Allom, V., Paterson, H. and Lopez, A.L., 2015. Active behaviour change safety interventions in the construction industry: A systematic review.Safety science,79, pp.139-148. Power, M., Newell, P., Baker, L., Bulkeley, H., Kirshner, J. and Smith, A., 2016. The political economy of energy transitions in Mozambique and South Africa: The role of the Rising Powers.Energy Research Social Science,17, pp.10-19. Smith, K.W., 2017. KWSnet Construction/Building Index.

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Two views of the mississippi free essay sample

As Mark Twain learned the trade of estimating he needed to be able to discern between the beautiful aspects of the river which he talked about figuratively and the critical awareness of those same aspects as they pertain to navigation. The two sets of details are in Juxtaposition. However, there is something larger happening in the excerpt. What is it? Define it as the thematic concern for your paper. Develop your thesis around the larger message.In other words, what is the big picture here? What is the larger message that the writing attempts to engage for the audience? Most, if not all, of the language speaks about two views of the river, but the tension between those descriptions is both explicit and implicit. What are the implied factors (implications) beyond the language of the piece? The explicit examples (tools/ devices/strategies of rhetoric) of language will help you speak specifically about the evidence on the page as it pertains to the global outlook that the piece hints at. We will write a custom essay sample on Two views of the mississippi or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The two sets of descriptions set up a much larger concept and that concept permeates into the real world. What is that concept or what are those ideas? They are wide ranging. The ideas are crucial in the understanding of the piece itself, no doubt, however it (they) reach further? How much further do they reach? Respond to the prompt in a way that you touch on the larger messages that are inherent in the piece. Do the ideas shape the reality you are currently forming for yourself?The pacific language of the piece are nice examples and activities of rhetoric, so how do they ultimately point to and lead us Into answering the bigger question/concept of the piece? In your quest to develop and support your interpretation as to the message of the piece you will find It Important to Identify tools of figurative language and how they differ from the literal translations of those same descriptions. Identify tools of figurative language: What does that language say?How does It help support you r case? Why does the engage work? Furthermore, Identify the language that Juxtaposes the appearance of the figurative language: How does that language differ? How does It help support your Ideas? What does the language reiterate about the larger picture? Essay will be 5 pages. It will discuss the mall Idea and support It by defining the moments of language that are pertinent to the discussion of the larger message. Woo views of the Mississippi By nicknamed they ultimately point to and lead us into answering the bigger question/concept of sage of the piece you will find it important to identify tools of figurative language What does that language say? How does it help support your case? Why does the language work? Furthermore, identify the language that Juxtaposes the appearance of the figurative language: How does that language differ? How does it help support your ideas?